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Suzhou Jwell Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Shanghai Jwell Machinery Co., Ltd
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Suzhou Jwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jwell, as a leading plastic machinery manufacturer in China, has been the national standard for its first rate quality, high precision and long durability. This can be certified from the success of its thousands of cutomers in last 25 years. In Jwell, there are good communication and connection among the design, manufacturing, assembly and qulity control departments, so we always can find the best solution about the performance design, matrial choose, manufacturing method.

Technical Dept.:

Jwell technical departments have the complete know-how about the plastic profile, pipe, sheet, plate extrusion and POY, FDY spinning, winder, take-up, spinning beam, direct spinning and etc. It is their in-depth technology that guarantees Jwell stand at the front of this field and supply the most up-to-date machines.


All the key parts, such as screws, barrels, gearboxes, are from Jwell's own design and manufacturing. For all the components, Jwell only adopts the first rate material, high precision CNC machine to manufacture.

Heating Treatment:

Jwell has its own all computer controlled heating treatment workshop to guarantee the necessary hardness of the screw, barrel, housing and other spart parts.

All the purchasing parts, such as motor, inverter, are from elaborately-selected and long term-cooperation based suppliers, to make sure that all these parts have the same high quality standard as Jwell.

Profile machine assembly:

Besides the traditional PVC plastic window profile, plastic door plate extrusion line, Jwell has developed plsatic and wooden power profile, decoration plate extrusion lines

Pipe machine assembly:

In the last few years, the demands for all kinds of plastic pipe have greatly encreased. Jwell, always stands at the front of this field, supplying the high quality pipe extrusion lines to satisfy the ever-encreasing pipe market.

Jwell sticks to the philosophy of suppling high quality, easy operation machines. In recent years, Jwell has been putting more efforts into the development and research of double wall corrugated pipe extrusion lines.

Plate and sheet machine assembly:

In the design and manufactuer of aluminum and plastic composite plate extrusion lines, hollow cross-section plate extrusion lines, dual axis strenth geogrid and all kinds of plate extrusion lines, Jwell is always in the leading position.

Winder assembly:

The chemical fiber whole plant equipment is another important field for Jwell besides the plastic machinery business. In recent years, Jwell's chemical fiber equipment sells very good, not only in domestic market, but also in India, Syria, Iran, Nepal.


For every line, before delivery, Jwell will conduct strict and precise testing. Only after the product's parameters are up to the customer's required standard, can Jwell deliver this line.


The well-trained staff can prevent mistakes, decrease waste and bad effect. To guarantee the safe and continuously production, Jwell can supply the all-around training for customer's staff.