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WPC Extrusion Lines Series


    PE, PP, PVC And Wood Plate Extrusion Line

  • WPC extrison line: It adopts special design of screw & barrel, mould and extruder for wood plastic products.Jwell company products series:One step way thick board extrusion line,One step way WPC profile extrusion line;WPC pelletizing extrusion line and different kinds of WPC mould.

    PVC Wood-Plastic One Step Extrusion Line

  • One-step way that is eliminating the middle granulation of this link. put the raw materials directly in a group of equipment, with mixing and extruding products completed in one time. The advantage in this way is of high efficiency, mixing plastics, and significant energy saving, lower production costs.

    PE&PP Wood-Plastic Two Step Extrusion Line

  • Two-step way is that the wood-plastic composite materials complete in different equipments of mixing, from play, extruding
    products, mixing the raw material in a certain formula, forming wood-plastic particles in the middle, and then squeezing out

    PVC Skinning (WPC) Foaming Board Extrusion Line

  • Transportation industrial: Ship, plane. bus, chamber of train,roofing, core layer,inner decoration board. Construction and decoration industial: outer wall board, inner decoration board, housing, office, public construction board,
    furniture. cupboard, roofing. Adopting printing, film coating and thermo-embossing equipment, will get all kinds of emulational wooden product.

    Subsequent Equipment

  • This machine suits for the thickness sanding, fine sanding and polish the surface of other various boards.


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